The Bill Board

The summer slump is almost coming to an end. We are winding down on our vacations, coming back with sun-kissed skin and refreshed spirits. We are ready to take on the upcoming school year and/or the future snow falls and winter traffic!

That also likely means that we also booked our Sundays with excursions out of town and maybe did not get to church as often as we normally do in the other seasons.

We have families who have registered for Simply Giving, which takes care of our weekly/monthly tithing for us. (If you are interested, please contact the church office for more details!)

If you prefer giving your contributions when the plate comes around on Sunday, we have another method for you to help the church AND keep in line with your pledge: The Bill Board.


The Bill Board is located downstairs in the Fellowship area. Every month, we post copies of the bills that we have received that need to be paid.

These bills can be applied to your annual pledge!

The steps are posted on the board along with the monthly bills.

Although some members might not agree with having our bills posted on the wall, it allows for people to see how much it costs to operate the church on a monthly basis. It gives us ownership for the building we call our church home. Hopefully last year’s financial meetings helped us gain a new appreciation and understanding of our holdings and this helps illustrate that a bit further.

By considering this as a way to give back to the church, it will help us beat the summer slump, especially as we are transitioning into a new era of pastoral leadership!