The Burn Out


When someone is attending a new church, after a few times, they will notice the same people that stand out. These are the people that greet visitors, who take part in helping in the service, who want to get to know new members at fellowship.

Once a person becomes a member and becomes involved in the church, they are usually asked to fill out a time and talents sheet to help determine where that person could take part in the church outside of the church service.

These time and talent sheets help out in a couple of ways:

  1. They create an opportunity for new to meet new people and create friendships.
  2. It helps bring new blood into the committees and different factors in the church life.

Bringing in new blood helps prevent burn out of the people who are currently in these committees. New people bring new ideas and new insight into the church life. If new people do not partake in these committees and groups, the flame on the committee’s candle begins to diminish and burn out and the portions of the church life die with it.

HOWEVER, the flip side to the burn out is that many of us feel burned out in our everyday lives. The hustle, the family, the jobs, traffic, politics, planning…it burns us all out. By becoming active in the church and volunteering on a committee, it refreshes a person knowing that they are giving back to the church and city community.

When a group gets new members and the excitement builds with new ideas, the excitement is infectious! We need to make the snowball and push it down that hill to get the church moving forward!

Consider helping out in different parts of the church. The committees welcome everyone to take a part in their groups to help the betterment of the church! If a person puts in to something, they will get something in return.